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~przypadek is one of the best photographers in the deviantArt community. His art works, very carefully created, are masterpieces of film photography . Some of his themes (such as the colored balloon or umbrella ) have become obsessions for hundreds, even thousands of dA users all around the world. He is a highly original artist, thus making it difficult for a critic to place him within the boundaries of a certain style. There are numerous opinions regarding this matter: for some he is dark, for others gruesome, for some conceptual or thematic, for others plainly square. Personally, I believe his pictures to be of an occasional horror, latently terrifying. Which makes him of even greater value.

The photo “10 is one of his pieces of resistance. It is perfectly balanced compositionally; the subject is easily derived from the center, instantly attracting attention, especially through the contrast with the elements around him. Chromatically speaking, the work is perfectly matched, the grey tones of the clouds being resumed in the road and tarpaulin that covers the body of the human subject, whilst the pale color of his bare legs are very close to that of the dry grass. The green shade of the tarpaulin is resumed and developed on the level of the shorter raw grass. A strong visual effect is also obtained through focus: the right side which seems of no interest, being generally homogeneous, is substantially blurred; the left side, which holds greater amplitudes, is moderately blurred and the center is excellently detailed, making the surface of the tarpaulin (or cape) a real texture. The (intentionally) smooth surface of the road creates another strong contrast with the fragmented, uneven surface of the cape. But what truly impresses is the state induced by this photo. If one carefully looks at it for several seconds, it may already appear as if a huge truck coming with high speed from the left side is simply going to demolish the subject. (Dont believe me? Try it the ones lacking any imagination can spare themselves the effort). Yet another matter that rises in the watchers unconscious is, of course, what lies behind that mysterious cloak (nothing pleasant, given the circumstances).

All in all, the strained, overwhelmingly atmosphere, the pedantically chosen details, the fine, subtle chromatic, the shape (atypical on purpose) of sis-by-six square, as well as the selective, leveled focus, make of przypadeks

an exceptional composition , both complex and ambiguous, intensely emotional, a true work of art.

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